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Mooner Coin


Mooner Coin

We see 2 underlying problems and aim to address them simultaneously.

Firstly, unemployment. Post Covid-19, unemployment is at its highest and set to reach unprecedented figures in the coming years. Singapore itself has seen eight thousand entities wind up their businesses.

Across the globe, surveys indicate lower income, savings, and spending. In most countries, 20 to 60 percent say they fear for their own jobs and have less than 4 months of savings. Automation and A.I. will further impact employment.

The second problem we want to solve is for traditional service rendering businesses. Primitive modus operandi simply does not work in this current era.

Consumers want immediate, reliable, verified, and rated services in an almost instant manner. Current processes involve the prospect to manually search for service vendors online, receiving a quotation, stipulated by vendors before being able to engage their services.

Mooner Coin

Mooner Concept

To eliminate unemployment and empower our users to be self-employed, we issued an original token, Mooner - that we will use to reward participation.

Regardless of it being a supplementary or primary income, Mooner will be made available to users to utilize at their discretion.

Mooner’s programing architecture is primarily to comply with global employment regulations and standards; it allows users to be self-employed.

A fair reward model will be implemented to motivate and retain service provider participation.

Empowering Everyone

To Be Entrepreneurs

Mooner Coin Mooner Coin Mooner Coin Mooner Coin

MNR Tokens used to pay for services in the Mooner application. Our distribution model will remain consistent throughout all applications built into the Mooner ecosystem.

MNR Tokens are implemented on the Binance Smart Chain which is an extension to Binance Chain.

Within the Mooner Network, scaling the user base will be a key factor in the valuation of the Token. The larger the population of Credit holders, the more momentum the technology can gather.

Our proprietary Mooner Level Network MLN is a framework designed to incentivize adoption and reward continued participation.

Our MLN network will be incorporated with all applications within the Mooner Ecosystem.


Breakdown of our Token Recipients.



With the help from our teams, contributors and investors,we will achieve new milestones.


Mooner Coin
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Mooner Coin
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