Is to eliminate unemployment and empower our users to be selfemployed. To achieve this goal, we issued an original token that we will use to reward participation and use of our location-based service booking application, Mooner.

Regardless of it being a supplementary or primary income,Mooner will be made available to users to utilize at their discretion. We will not set rates for jobs nor dictate the use of the application. It will be purely a "moonlighting" application, allowing the user to determine their "work" schedule and earnings.

Mooner's programing architecture is primarily to comply with global employment regulations and standards; it allows users to be self-employed. A fair reward model will also be implemented to motivate and retain service provider participation. Our structured incentive marketing model will enable effective acquisition of users and service providers. A well thought out legacy attribute, ensures longevity of the company and our business model.

Mooner Coin