Registration by Referral Link only.

Rewards for Affiliate Level Income and Direct Token Referral are only applicable for existing and registered token holders.

250 MNR Tokens is the minimum purchase denomination.

Purchased Tokens + Bonus Tokens will be transferred immediately upon completion to your BEP20 MNR wallet address.

5% MNR Tokens Referral Benefits will be immediately transferred to sponsor's BEP20 MNR address.

Direct Referral Benefits will be immediately credited into affiliate's Cash Wallet.

Minimum Withdrawal: $10

Transaction Charges: 10%

Staking Rewards are described in Table 3.

Staking requires MNR Tokens to be credited into the staking wallet address to qualify.

User will have option to choose period of staking.

Staking Returns: Minimum quantity 500 MNR Tokens

The minimum number of tokens accepted for staking is 500 MNR Tokens.

Principle Tokens + Staking Return Tokens will be Immediately transferred to his MNR address after completion of staking period.

VIP Status levels will automatically be increased, with your purchase and staking behavior.